ANASTACIA - Live at Cotton Club, 1/24/99

Epic/Daylight Recording Artist Anastacia kicked off her promotional tour in Atlanta, GA and we (DJ Russell and I) drove down to catch her.  WHAT AN AMAZING SHOW!!  Seeing her sing on The Cut was one thing - seeing her live is another experience.. she took control of the crowd the second she walked out on stage.  As she went through the set, she engaged the crowd (which wasn't easy considering this was a very label heavy crowd)...

Highlights included the uptempo "Not That Kind" and "I'm Outta Love" and the ballads "Black Rose" and "I Ask of You" - (this song screams NUMBER ONE!!!) .. she even led the crowd in a cover of Aretha's "Respect" - and she is probably the only person who has the voice to pull it off!!

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Backup singers and band..

And after the show - she signed autographs and met everyone who came to see her.. this was a really special touch that made her performance even more memorable..

Anastacia sounded wonderful live as she danced around, played with her wonderful backup singers and improved with her band members.  This is an artist to watch for -- she is going to be huge..

Look for "I'm Outta Love" and the album "Not That Kind" - in stores March 2000!

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