BACK IN TOWN: DJ Ron Update – Friday, April 3rd

Back to the middle and around again…


You know what?
I love y’all so much more than you can imagine.  The weeks that I don’t do an eMail update, I always get messages and texts making sure that I am okay. I am nothing if not consistent and reliable, so it seems like a lot of you appreciate these updates.  Thank you for reading, and thank you for your support.  It really does mean everything.

The past two weeks
The journey started with a flight to Connecticut where I spun the True Colors party for LGBTQIA youth.  I always say this is my hardest gig of the year, and it truly is a challenge to entertain such a young and diverse crowd.  In the mix was everything from reggaeton and bachate to hip-hop and R&B to pop and EDM to voguing and group dances. A very eclectic playlist, and if you followed the twitter feed of requests, you saw them first hand. I just imagine what it would have been like to dance with people of the same gender at a school function when I was 13-17, and that makes it all worth it. Though I did see a mini-me there, dressed like I used to when I went to Visage and Rocky Horror back in high school.  Check out the sick setup here on Youtube, not that I am a size queen or anything.

I flew down to Orlando the next day and did something for the first time – brought my boyfriend home to meet my family.  Everyone loved Ricky, which comes as no surprise, because he is so lovable.  It felt so good to have my whole family together and was really the perfect launch for a week in Florida.


Ricky and I drove down to Miami for the madness of the Winter Music Conference/Miami Music Week where we did 51 interviews over the course of four days, along with going out every night. Yes, we needed recovery time after.  If I had to choose a song of the week, it would be “Feel the Vibe” by Bob Sinclar and Dawn Tallman, with “Generate” by Eric Prydz being a close second.  The most played track award goes to Michael Califan, with “Treasured Soul” being etched into my skull multiple times per day.  Choosing a favorite interview is much harder.  Interviewing Luciana is always a memorable experience, and getting it on video makes it even more special.  Getting GlowInTheDark to talk about the controversy of ghost production made for a thought-provoking chat.  All of these interviews will be posting soon on Clubplanet!  Even the meals were memorable – burgers with Bassjackers at Cheeseburger Baby, and starting the day eating sushi with Armin van Buuren (big thanks to George Hess for arranging). If you missed the new Armin single with Mr Probz at Ultra, let me assure you – it will be as big or bigger than “This is What It Feels Like.”  Can you tell how excited I am for the new Armin album?  (Picture with Armin taken at WMC 2015.)
A special shout out to Cary Vance who not only hosted one of the best industry parties (at Beatgasm hotel) but also invited me to be part of the Radio panel at the WMC conference. Cary has always been forward-thinking with regards to nonterrestrial radio, and his support of Fusion radio is massive.  More about Fusion coming below. (Picture of tyDi spinning one of the best sets of the week taken at Promo Only Rooftop Party.)


When Sunday came along, Ricky and I drove from Miami to Nashville with a quick lunch break with my Dad in Orlando.  Honestly, Ricky did just about all the driving, but I was awake for a good portion – revisiting Memoirs of a Geisha, interspersed with episodes of RuPaul’s What’s The Tee podcast. (Restaurant name that made us laugh in a Scissor Sisters way.)
Fast forward to Tuesday night, and it was a full-on diva invasion in Nashville. Kiesza and Betty Who rocked Marathon Music Works, and Clean Bandit pulled out all the strings at Mercy Lounge.  Teaming up with two of my fellow Play resident DJs – Remedy and Aazera – we interviewed Kiesza (such a doll) and Clean Bandit (charming Brits) before their shows.  Watching all of their shows, it really brought it home how important artists are in the dance world. Yes, I love DJs who produce and they put on great shows, but there is always something special about a singer whose voice touches my soul.  Kiesza, Betty, and Elisabeth Troy (Clean Bandit) reminded me of the great vocal performances I saw in Miami (Dawn Tallman, Kristine W, Crystal Waters, Vassy, Luciana, Rich White Ladies) which I will never forget.   (Picture with Kiesza taken at Marathon Motor Works in Nashville)

What’s in a name?
In case you missed this very important announcement: Fusion Radio’s name and trademarks were officially acquired by another company last Tuesday. Our name, our logos, domains, eMails, apps, and social media handles will change, but we will continue to operate as normal.  A countdown clock has been launched on our site leading up to Memorial Day weekend when our new name will be announced.  Watch this space… something big is coming.

Fusion: VIDEOtron with Willam
I am so excited to be back at Roscoe’s tomorrow night for VIDEOtron!  I love spinning in Chicago and am looking forward to dropping a lot of the new music I got in Miami.  The effervescent diva Willam will be performing his fun records – you know that Spanish version of “Boy is a Bottom” that I play at Tribe.  All you Chicago boys and girls, come out and party with us tomorrow night!

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