Back With Big News: DJ Ron Update – Friday, May 22nd

I took a break and I am back with big news..


Starting next month, I will be a resident DJ at Roscoe’s in Chicago.  The whole thing is just blowing my mind.   For the past year, I’ve been having fun spinning at Roscoe’s every few months as part of the Fusion Videotron party.   Working with resident DJ Eddy Janett as a DJ and Operations Manager has been amazing.  His knowledge, technical skills, and warm heart helped make every night go flawlessly.  The bonus was getting to dance to him on Saturday night after I played on Friday.  Imagine my utter surprise last week to see his post on Facebook that he was moving to San Diego.  I immediately called him and we spoke on the phone for over an hour.  The parallel is incredible – we are both making major life changes with a move to a new city.  He encouraged me to apply for a DJ spot at Roscoe’s.   After applying for a DJ/VJ position at Roscoes, I was interviewed and booked for four days in June (including Pride) with a regular spot to be determined starting in July.   I am beyond ecstatic to be joining the team at Roscoe’s and feel like one of my dreams is coming true.

Beach Party at Play
Are you ready for the Skyy Beach Party for Memorial Day Weekend?   The foam party is tonight and there are special guests galore – Venus Knight, Jade Jolie, Leah Halston, and Mykul J Valentine.  Sunday night is going to be Dragaroo – A Night of Non-Stop Drag starting at 11pm.  I will be spinning Sunday night, and since everyone has Monday off from work – it is going to be an insane way to end the weekend. I’m pulling together lots of incredible new music and videos along with fun remixes and mashups of your current favorites.  A few tracks I am loving at the moment are Lenno ft Dragonette “The Best,” Showtek and Vassy “Satisfied,”  Frederick Carter “Faith,”  Dirtcaps and Alvara “Brah,” and the new Oliver Heldens “BunnyDance.”  One of my all time favorite DJs Benny Benassi is also having a major resurgence with insanely good remixes of Leona Lewis “Fire Under My Feet” and Giorgio Moroder ft Sia “Deja Vu.”  Listen for all of these and more in my mix at Play on Sunday night.  See you on the dance floor.

Going Away Party
The crew, wait- that sounds too technical,  I mean, my family at Play is throwing a Going Away party for me next Saturday.  I don’t want to say that it is going to be a Greatest Hits nights but you will definitely hear some classics in the mix – from “One Night in Heaven” and “Clubland” to “Sandstorm” and “Don’t Call Me Baby” to “Dive” and “Happiness.” It will be a night to remember, so please make plans to dance with me at Play next Saturday night.


While we are sorting out some issues with YouTube, I’ve been focusing on some text interviews on Clubplanet.  Up this week are chats with Blasterjaxx, Ftampa, and Dirtcaps.  I’ve spoken to Blasterjaxx before and they opened up a good bit about the challenges of touring (and their unfortunate food poisoning incident).  What I remember the most was seeing them spin a party right after the interview and seeing them jumping up on the stage giving the crowd lots of energy.  This was not more than two hours after one of them was barely moving from the food poisoning. That kind of professionalism just inspires me. Interviewing Ftampa was a little bit of a challenge, as English is not his first language.  What didn’t get lost in translation was his personality and his joy for life.  The best parallel would be Frankie Knuckles, not musically, but spiritually.  Inside the heart of the Brazillian DJ was so much love that you really feel it when talking to him.  The fact that he makes great music seems like a bonus.  Interviewing Dirtcaps made me a little bit nervous.  I knew these guys were associated with Yellow Claw and let me just say, those guys are scary.  So one of the Dirtcaps guys produces for Yellow Claw, but I had no reason to be nervous as they were goofy, funny and a great interview.  Check out Clubplanet for all these great interviews.  (Picture with Blasterjaxx taken at WMC 2015.)

Dance Mix USA
As y’all probably know, I do a show on DanceMixUSA every Saturday from 9pm-10pm.  What you may not know is that the beloved internet radio station is that Nashville has taken over Friday night!The lineup includes Aazera,  Jason Shawhan (DJ Nomi),  Remedy, and Ricky Sixx.  Each DJ has their own unique style and it makes for a night of listening that is engaging and educational.  For example,  you never know what you are going to hear when Jason is spinning.  His styles range from the most esoteric underground house to the most exuberant Hi-NRG, sleazy Belgian new Beat and hair metal struts from the ’80s.  His songs tell a story like you’re on a journey to a magic land but you can only imagine what you will hear along the way because time has lost all meaning.  The Friday night lineup starts at 7pm on

In case you miss the show, check out the DJs’ Mixcloud pages – here:
7:00pm – Remedy
8:00pm – DJ Ricky Sixx
9:00pm –  Erase; Rewind with DJ Nomi 
10:00pm – Aazera
As always, I want to thank you for your support – it means more than you can imagine.

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