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Celebrating a Great New Year: RONS Update – Friday, Jan 15th

Happy New Year!

Fun Holiday Times

It’s a little late, but I hope everyone had a great holiday season and New Year’s experience.

This Jewish DJ celebrated Christmas day with an uproarious...

SIX HOURS: Update – Friday, November 13th

In the span of six hours... Michelle. Jodie. Violet. Fame.  RONS. VideoTron. Yes, all that happened last Friday night at Roscoe’s!   DJ/Producer Jodie Harsh started the night interviewing Michelle with very candid questions about her book ‘The...

BACK ONCE AGAIN: Update – Friday, October 30th

Back once again... A Wonderful Two Weeks This always happens when I go on a trip.  I leave with the intention of posting everything on Facebook/Instagram.  Then, after the first few days, I am like, screw this. ...

Another Crazy Night : Update – Friday, Sept 18th

Loving Chicago.

Another Crazy Night

In the last update, I started with one night in Chicago when I saw Wendy Williams and hit three clubs on the same night.  Well, this is becoming a regular occurrence. ...

A Wild Night: DJ Ron Update – Friday, Sept 4th

  Just living my life..

A Wild Night

One thing I am loving about Chicago is that there is so much going on.  Last Saturday, I went to a concert and three clubs on the...

Back Once Again: DJ Ron Update – Friday, August 14th

Back once again.. A Wonderful Week Market Days was everything.  I kicked off the weekend spinning the VideoTron party at Roscoe's, which was an amazing night!  The energy was amped, with the floor packed all night long.  It...

Have You Missed Me: DJ Ron Update – Friday, August 7th

Have you missed me? Chicago Life This move has been quite an incredible life change. While I knew some people up here and have DJed at Roscoe's a few times, the past two months have motivated me to...

Coming Home: DJ Ron Update – Friday, June 26th

As Heather Small of M People sang in "Renaissance"… I'm Coming Home This weekend, I am flying to Nashville to spin at Play and the Pride Festival.  I can not tell you how much I miss Nashville and...

Thank You: DJ Ron Update – Friday, June 19th

I want to say...   Thank you. I have to start with a big thank you to everyone out there.  The amount of eMails, texts, calls, and social media posts have been mindblowing.  I cannot tell you how much...

Time For a Change: DJ Ron Update – Friday, May 29th

It it is time for ... A New Name Y’all know me as DJ Ron.  That’s what I get called by everyone - in the club or on the street, by friends and strangers, by by police and...