Doing and Feeling Good: DJ Ron Update – Friday, September 19th

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Doing and Feeling Good

Last night was a blast.  One of my greatest joys is when I am able to DJ for great causes that I believe in and support.  Last night, I spun Chic Awearness which benefited Gilda’s Club.  The fashion show featured women who survived ovarian cancer and raised funds for awareness, research, and treatment through early detection. The crowd was up for a good time and a celebration, so I played a fun mix of party music from the various decades and everyone had a great time.  The night was so much fun that I cannot wait for my next big fundraising event – the AIDS WALK for Nashville CARES on October 2nd.


Join the Tribe

This weekend, I am so excited to be spinning tonight (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday) at Tribe.  It’s been a while since I’ve done a weekend at Tribe and I am looking forward to having a lot of fun!  Tonight is the Toga party conclusion of the Olympus party at Parthenon.  Wear your Toga and get in free at Tribe (all night) and Play (until 11pm).  Come party with me at Tribe all weekend long.




One of my biggest personal challenges as a journalist is finding my place in the world.  Let me explain…  After nine years of being Mr. Corporate for the New York Times, that tone ingrained itself in everything I do.  Moving on to do my own blog, NotableDance, I kept a little bit of tone but brought in some more personality and made it, well, a little more human.  Writing for ClubPlanet, the audience is younger clubgoers, so I am adjusting to be even more playful and even a bit more aggressive with my interviews.  Finding that place between being an EDM clone of Perez Hilton and a formal, somewhat stodgy journalist, is my current challenge.  With that in mind, check out my new interviews with Steve Angello and Plastik Funk. In process is my behind the scenes coverage of last weekend’s Life in Color party.  It was an incredible event and as amazing as the party vibe was, the uplifting energy and communal spirit of the team putting it on made it even more special. (Picture with my new fashion role model Sheldon Blake taken at Life in Color Nashville.)

Such A Tease

So here are a few things I want to mention, but can’t go into complete detail about.  This week, I art-directed a photo shoot for the first time. Honestly it was a blast and also the quickest shoot I’ve ever done. It helps when the subject is so full of personality (ha!).  I also got confirmed for a big event in Chicago later this year.  Supposedly, I am going to be performing with one of my favorite clubland divas. I can’t name names, but I hear she’s a real painkiller.  Next Saturday, I’ve got another big gig lined up but I can’t list it – just yet.  Watch for details next week.  Sorry to be such a tease… but.. well…  I just am sometimes.

As always, I want to thank you for your support – it means more than you can imagine.

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