LET’S NOT LET IT SNOW: DJ Ron Update – Friday, February 27th

Had enough snow?
Mad Hatters Ball

Last Saturday was a blast!  The Avant Garde Mad Hatters Ball was a huge success with a sold out crowd and an incredibly successful silent auction.  You haven’t seen a master at work until you’ve seen the Princess lead a live auction!   The stage featured a diversity of talent with X-Factor/Broadway/country singer Rachel Potter debuting her new single, sassy British lass Katy Tiz slaying with “Whistle” and “Big Big Bang,” and a sick contortionist that blew everyone away.  Keeping with the Alice in Wonderland theme, there were all kinds of characters in the crowd, even moreso than normal.  Who was that guy with the magical floating cigarette?  Hanging out with the host, Project Runway finalist Amanda Valentine, was quite fun. I am a loyal watcher of PR, so the backstage gossip was a special treat. All-in-all it was a great night, kudos to Chris and the staff at Nashville Cares for putting on such a fun event!

The night started so well that I decided to keep the party going.  After a quick stop at home to drop off my gear, I headed to Play and got there just in time to see Katy Tiz rock the stage.  She switched up her set and did a fierce drum and bass mix of “Big Big Bang” that the kids loved.  I had fun bouncing between the dance room where DJ Remedy had the floor going wild and the drag room where Raven tore things up with the cast of the Playmates.  It is so rare that I get to let my proverbial hair down and have a good time, so Saturday night was extra special. (Pictures with Amanda and Katy taken at Mad Hatters Ball.)
This Weekend

Saturday night is going to be quite fun and festive.  As much as I love spinning in Clubland (cue Kristine W’s classic track), I also love doing private events and functions.  It isn’t often that I get to dress up in a suit and I am quite excited about my Saturday night soiree.

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you without a dope beat to step to (cue Eric B and Rakim).  Saturday night, I have mixshows on WRFN 103.7 from 7pm-9pm (online at www.radiofreenashville.com) and DanceMixUsa from 9pm-10pm.   There are also fresh sets on my DJ Ron Mixcloud, Notable Dance Mixcloud, and, of course, on iTunes.  Check em out and I will be with you in spirit.

Closing out the weekend, I will be spinning at Play with the DP House Party.  Sundays are always a fun bit of madness with the crazy girls up front and me, the crazy guy, in the back spinning the tunes.  Come party with us to finish off the festive weekend!

Be sure to stop by Tribe tonight to check out Ricky Sixx.  He’s a DJ on the rise here in town and someone you will want to start following.  Check out his mixcloud here!

While we were deluged with snowfall, I was inspired by Raindrops – the song, that is.   The new single from SNBRN and Kerli is absolutely brilliant. I had the honor of speaking to both of them.  SNBRN is a brand new producer with a unique sound that he calls Sunset House. It’s a mix of deep house, indie dance, and soul that is just a bit faster than trop house but not up to the speed of future house.  Did that make any sense? Certainly not. Just take my word for it, it is good stuff.  He finally answered the question that’s been bugging me for the longest time – why are DJs so afraid of vowels.   Kerli is a brilliant artist who constantly blows my mind with her lyrics, vocals and spirit.  As a long term fan and friend, she really let down her guard in the interview and said some stuff that will really make you think.   Just hearing her explain the quote “Writing sessions are like one night stands, you have to make yourself completely vulnerable to a stranger and be okay with never seeing them again,” sets the tone for what is a pretty thought-provoking chat.    Check out both interviews on Clubplanet.

As always, I want to thank you for your support – it means more than you can imagine.

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