NEWSLETTER: August 3rd

There’s just so much exciting news this week, you wouldn’t even believe it..

New Website

I’ve been getting some eMails over the past few weeks, asking why I quit updating my website.  I was initially trying to be coy, but the reason why is that I’ve been working with my good friend Eric Durcholz on a big site redesign.  With both of my blogs on wordpress – NotableScents.Net and NotableDance.Com – I thought it was time to move from frames to a more current wordpress look.  I am SO EXCITED with the way it’s turning out. It’s still a work in progress, to be fair, and I would love to hear your opinion.  Check out the new site and drop me an eMail…

To encourage some extra clicks, I am giving away a pair of tickets to The B-52s’ concert on August 25!  Click here to enter to win!

You might have heard that Willam had to reschedule and won’t be performing at Play tonight.  Don’t worry, he is already rebooked for next month!  In his/her place, we are bringing back the hilarious and talented Pandora Boxx.  She was such a massive bundle of joy the first time she was here that we are immeasurably excited to have her back tonight.  We are also celebrating the release of Jennifer Lopez’s new Greatest Hits album ‘Dance Again,’ which features her all of her best songs- including her latest club stompers “Goin’ In” and the title track.  The bonus DVD is quite nice also.  There’s so much going on at Play tonight, I can’t imagine anywhere else you’d want to be to start your weekend.

I often joke with friends about how there is so much electronic dance music on the radio, so it’s quite ironic that we are celebrating the release of Madonna’s new single “Turn Up the Radio” on Saturday night at Play. There are so many great remixes – R3hab, Martin Solveig, Richard “The Artist Formerly Known as Humpty” Vission (whom I just interviewed for – watch for it next week), and Laidback Luke.  You will definitely hear a lot of Madonna in the mix on Saturday night at Play, along with hot new tracks from Justice, Rita Ora, Adam F, Nick Fiorucci, and Gravitonas.  One new song that I am totally addicted to is “Knowing You” from Sergio Galyon (one of the guys who created t.A.T.u.) and Tamra Keenan.  It’s a perfect slice of progressive pop.  It also looks like y’all are loving the Studio Killers’ “Ode to the Bouncer” as much as I am!  That’s the one with the twisted cartoon video with the uniquely-painted girl trying to make her way into the club past an evil bouncer.  If you haven’t heard it, check it out here!

By the way, mark your calendar for a very special event at Play on Saturday, August 18th.  Trust me, you won’t want to miss this!
Notable Dance
Earlier, I mentioned that I had interviewed Richard Vission.  I’ve been quite busy interviewing a lot of up-and-coming talent (along with some of my personal favorites) for  In the next few weeks, you will see interviews with Zedd, Bright Light Bright Light, Shawnee Taylor, and JCA.  Yesterday, I posted an interview with one of my all time favorite producer/artsist/DJ groups – K-Klass.  Those who remember me from 91.1 in the ’90s remember my love of happy house, with an unending admiration of K-Klass, Loveland, and M People.  K-klass is now a duo who are back on the underground scene making some incredible tracks that DJs around the world are loving.

A Fragrant Interview
Sometimes, my life can be hectic.  Those of you who saw me at Pride don’t know half of what happened that day.  While I was on stage at 2pm and performed most of the day there before going to spin at Play that night, my day actually started with a 9 am soundcheck before rushing off to Nordstrom for an exclusive interview with Roberto Ferreira.  Roberto is the national trainer for Creed and curator of the US collection.  I’ve held off on posting the interview for a little bit to make sure everything was just right – and I am quite excited about the way it turned out.  He says quite a lot of interesting things about the fragrance industry, IFRA regulations, the blogosphere, and what’s coming next from the House of Creed.  Check out the interview here on

As always thank you so much for your support, it means more than you can imagine.

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