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Wasn’t Last
Weekend Fab?

Opening for Dave Aude was such an incredible honor… I took the slot as a chance to go a bit trackier, deeper, and bouncier.  Realizing that Dave was going to be playing a lot of big vocals, my aim was to focus more on tracks and somewhat edgier vocals. Yes, I played just about every track from Wideboys’ Crucial Cuts EP – they just fit – especially “Wonky,” “Chipfunk,” and “Party People.”  It felt like I was channeling a big night at eXceSs.  Dave was there for the last twenty minutes and gave me the most interesting compliment.  He said that I “play very straight.”  I tweeted this out and got all kinds of responses. Granted, wearing a mirrored shirt isn’t the most hetero thing in the world, but he was responding to the music.  In his, and most people’s eyes, gay club music is seen as either tribal (US), euro/NRG pop (UK/Europe), or top 40 remixes.  While I definitely play a lot of all that in my sets, I try to play a little bit of everything – be it harder electro, dirty dutch, funky disco house, etc. Getting those kind of “props” from Dave was very flattering.

When Dave took over, I ran upstairs to the light booth so that I could play visuals for him (and watch what he was doing from above).  He had three Pioneer CDJ-2000s networked together and was using two decks to mix tracks while using the third deck to play acapella vocals.  So pretty much, he was remixing or producing live the entire night.  What most of the guys do in Abelton, he was doing old school on CD decks.  Dave is definitely one of those rare guys who DJ/Perform as well as they produce.   Can you tell how much I respect the guy?  As someone who has seen a lot of DJs over the years, his skills and music selections were impressive – being able to blend commercial and underground music seamlessly, while keeping a packed floor through the entire night (even through the second drag show) is not an easy undertaking). If you missed his set, please know that I am going to do everything I can to bring him back here again.

The high from Friday night continued into Saturday when I spun at Talbott Street in Indianapolis.  What is always funny to me is when I see Nashvillie peeps in the crowd,  I think they must be saying to themselves, “I drove four hours to get out of Nashville and I am stuck with the same DJ.”  But funny enough, most are like, “we just came from <** Club> and the DJ sucked, so glad to see you.”  A few even comment that they like my set in Indianapolis more than in Nashville.  Spinning different cities and different crowds definitely keeps me fresh.
Let’s Do It Again

This weekend is kind of like Groundhog Day (the movie), with me spinning at Play tonight (Friday), Talbott Street in Indianapolis tomorrow (Saturday), and back at Play for Retro SINday. I am busy going through new music and video remixes, so who knows what will be in the mix (if you want a preview be sure to listen to Freedom Dance tomorrow). Two songs that are quickly becoming club monsters are Cazwell and Luciana “Guess What” and Disclosure “F For You.”  That’s quite exciting as the two songs couldn’t be any more different.  Speaking of different, if you like your electro on the indie rock tip, stop by the booth and say hi tonight – we are giving away copies of CSS’ new CD ‘Planta.’
Notable Dance

In addition to keeping up with the Song Of the Day, this week I interviewed BT about his forthcoming album (which is incredible by the way) and stopped by NAMM to see all kinds of fun new DJ/production gear.  Watch for articles on both next week.

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