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Live on the Air

It’s funny, in my many, many, many years of DJing in clubs and on the radio, I’ve never really done both at the same time – spinning at a club which is being broadcast live on the radio.  Working with Fusion radio, this has happened twice, last month from Roscoe’s in Chicago and last weekend from Talbott Street in Indy.  Working a dance floor is a unique (and fun) challenge, but knowing that the music is going out to people all around the world – at the same time – is kind of mind-blowing.  Being part of the Fusion Radio team is definitely an honor, and I can’t wait to share with y’all what’s coming next…

PLAYtime this Weekend

This weekend, I am SO exited to be spinning at Play all weekend long:  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!  Tonight is the foam party with VJ Stretch rocking the outside foam pit and me spinning the dancefloor inside.  Foam parties are always kind of extra wild – well, what do you expect when you see boys and girls running around in skimpy bathing suits?   To make the night extra fun, we are celebrating the release of Ciara’s new CD featuring the retro-inspired “Body Party.”  I love Dave Aude’s ’90s house-inspired mix of that track.  For giveaways, we have CDs and fans – I can see everyone having fun fanning the foam around… and they work well as paddles, or so I am told.

Musically, I have to be honest, I’ve been loving some really cheesy stuff lately, of course on the ’90s tip.  The Vengaboys are back and their cover of “Hot Hot Hot” is the most derivative, saccharine, target-marketed, eurocheese nonsense – and I’ve fallen hook, line, and sinker for it.  Even the Romanians are doing it, with Inna releasing an updated cover version of La Bouche’s europop classic “Be My Lover.” On the cooler ’90s tip, Disclosure’s “F For You” continues to get a lot of reaction, as does Breach’s “Jack.”  I am also hoping to have Example’s old-rave inspired track “All the Wrong Places” in time for the weekend,  While I’ve kind of started to move away from the harder, noisier stuff – something about Martin Garrix’s “Animal” is pulling me back into the pit, so to say.
Notable Dance

Last week, Summer NAMM (National Assocation of Music Merchants filled the Music City Center with a variety of music vendors from around the country.  Usually, this is a good preview for me of upcoming DJ toys – but the absence of Numark, American DJ, and Denon made it a bit less fruitful for me.  I did find the great new DJ Connect from Griffin which was quite cool. It’s a mini sound card for an iPad that allows stereo cueing (headphone) and output (to live sound) at the same time. It’s a definitely step up from mono split y-cable that iPad DJs have been using up to now.  I can see it being quite popular when it’s released – to both mobile and bedroom DJs.  Who knows, maybe I will give it a shot at Play one night?   Did y’all know that Griffin is based here in Nashville?   Click here for more about Summer NAMM.

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