When a holiday falls on a Thursday, it’s always kind of odd.  A lot of people have to go back to work on Friday (like me) – so rather than have a four day weekend, it’s more like a big tease.
Seriously though, while having the day off (if you did), I hope you took a minute to think about how those of us in the USA are so lucky to have the freedom to say what we feel, think how we choose, and work towards our goals.  I am not trying to go too deep, as I am a DJ/blogger, not a Civics teacher, but it’s a good time to count our blessings and thank friends and relatives who are serving/have served in the military and help keep the USA free.


Ready for a big weekend…

I’ve got a full weekend, I am spinning tonight (Friday) at Play opening for Dave Aude, tomorrow (Saturday) at Talbott Street (Indianapolis), and Sunday I will be back at Play doing retro night! (Picture from Nashville Pride Courtesy of Out and About Newspaper – Photo Credit: Kay Parson)

One thing I am taking seriously is my role as opening DJ tonight. I recently went to a trance party here in town and the opening DJ was playing banging, aggressive electro at 9:30pm. Not only was it inappropriate to the flow of the evening, I felt it was disrespectful to the other DJs. The role of an opening DJ is to start the night and gradually build up the energy. My good friend Francis Preve saw me when I opened for George Acosta a few years ago and said that while my set was really good, it was overshadowing the headliner in energy level.   He sent me this article to read over
and I am planning to go in the more groovy house direction to set up the night.  So, expect a different flavor of DJ Ron tonight – great music, no video, as I proudly start the night for superstar DJ/Producer Dave Aude.

In case you don’t know Dave Aude, he is the producer who pretty much created the Pussycat Dolls as well as produced major hits for Katy Perry, Madonna, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and more.  Look up his name on iTunes or Beatport and you will be amazed. He is also one of those rare producer/DJs who does ALL his own work.  Can you tell how much I respect him?  Can you tell how excited I am to be opening for him tonight?   Look forward to seeing there… all the information is on the Facebook invite here.
Notable Dance

This week on the site, I’ve been a little all over the place with my songs of the day.  I put the new DuckSauce and Avicii in the same post as the two are quite related – non-traditional inspiration (doo-wop and country) making the artists change their sound.  Then there was a little bit of europop (“Remember Me”), big room trance (“Mysteries Unfold”), disco house (“Move On”), and bouncy electro from one of my personal favorite producers, the Wideboys (“Wonky”). I challenge you to listen to “Wonky” and keep the smile off your face – it reminds me of the classic Sharp Boys productions which dominated my club sets in the early 2000s.  Bouncy and happy, now that’s the kind of music that I love.  Be sure to check out for a new song of the day every day.
Radio Free Nashville

This is REALLY exciting news.  Radio Free Nashville will be adding a second frequency, 103.7 FM with a transmitter that will reach all of Nashville. Finally, community noncommercial radio will actually be back on the RADIO!   We are currently raising money to get the equipment so that we can sign on this fall.  Please consider giving a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation to help make it happen.  Check out (and sign up) for the eMail update here to find out more ways you can help.  You can hear me weekly on WRFN every Saturday from 7pm-9pm.


Wow, I never realized how many people follow my podcasts on the DJ Ron app.  There was an issue with Soundcloud on Tuesday and I got an avalanche of eMails!  To clarify things – I post two one-hour podcasts every week. The NotableDance podcast (on Soundcloud here) features upfront, pre-release EDM that is a bit on the cutting edge.  The DJ Ron podcast (on Soundcloud, Podomatic, and DJ Ron app) is a little more commercial, vocal, and at times, gay (in a good way). Yes, I have multiple personalities as a DJ and that definitely comes through if you listen to the podcasts back to back…  As you listen to the podcasts, if you like what you hear, check out the playlists and then go to Beatport and iTunes to purchase songs you like.  Please support the artists so that they will continue making the music that we love.

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