ON THE ROAD: DJ Ron Update – Friday, March 20th

What’s on my mind today …


Fun Times in BNA

Last weekend at Play was quite epic.  Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day brought everyone out for a good time.  Looking out on the dance floor Friday night, there was a sea of green. Saturday started early with a special private party for my good friend Stephen. If you are ever looking for a place to throw a private party, keep Play in mind – it is available for rentals and you can have your pick of residents (Stretch, Remedy, and myself) to spin the music you like.  Well, the energy from the birthday party set the tone for what must have been one of the biggest nights ever!   Remember when we started having the DJ on stage back in 2008-2009?  Adding the light guy to the mix just seems to take it to the next level.  DJ Aazera is magical on the lights and sharing the stage with him brings new life.  Thank you so much for coming out and partying with us.  Mark your calendars for my return to Play the weekend of April 17th because I’m…
Heading Out on the Road
The next three weeks are going to be kind of maddening.  I am flying up to Connecticut tomorrow (Saturday) for my annual gig at the True Colors conference for LGBTQIA youth.  It is always my most challenging and rewarding event of the year.  Imagine being 12 years old and able to dance with the one you love, regardless of their gender.  Yes, it is that kind of magical.  Then I fly down to Orlando to introduce my boyfriend to my family.  Now, that’s going to be an experience.  If you think I am a character, imagine a room full of the Slomowicz clan.   (Picture of Miami preparation courtesy of my esthetician Beth at Elan.)

From Orlando, we are going to drive down to Miami for the Winter Music Conference.  Our schedule for the week of madness is overflowing with so many parties, events, meetings, and interviews that I will need a week to recover afterwards.  Which of course is not going to happen, because after we drive back on the Sunday, there is the night of double concerts on Tuesday (Betty Who and Keisza at Marathon, Clean Bandit at Cannery) and Wild Wednesday at Tribe before I fly up to Chicago for my VideoTron residency at Roscoe’s.  Then, the next weekend I have a gig in New York.   It is overwhelming just writing it out.  This is why I made a…
Special Gifts for Y’all
Check out my new video mix set here.  Every week, I do a mixshow on Radio Free Nashville (Saturdays 7pm-9pm), sets on DanceMixUSA, MixWhore, GLGBTRadio, and Mixcloud/iTunes.  I’ve decided to start doing a monthly video mix for Fusion TV.  The 90-minute mix of fun dance music video  is a great representation of what we play on Fusion Radio – so if you haven’t listened yet, here’s a good introduction.  By the way, L’Tric “This Feeling” is SO my personal theme song of the moment

Also, I am the new resident DJ for ClubPlanet Radio.  Every Monday, I will post a new upfront set for #CPR on the soundcloud page here.  Tune in for a taste of the newest sounds in the dance music world.

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