VIVE LA DIFFERENCE: DJ Ron Update – Friday, March 6th

Vive la difference…

Variety is the Spice of Life

One of the many things that I love about DJing is that every night can be completely different.  Last Saturday night, I spun a gala event for the Nashville Bar Foundation, the charitable arm of the Nashville Bar Association, and it was a massive success.  Lawyers may not be known as party people, but they were up for a good time and I led a musical journey of party classics from the ’60s to today.  The dancefloor was completely full the entire night, until I was forced to stop at the end.  Such a great time and I want to thank the organizers for booking me for the wonderful event.

Sunday night, I spun the DP House Party at Play, which is always full of random frivolity.  Being the end of the weekend, you never know what to expect.  Musically, I was all over the place with a diverse assortment of requests which I worked into a fun set.  I kind of wish I had recorded it. Hmm…  I will be back at Play next Friday and Saturday for St Patrick’s Day Weekend!
Off to Indy

It feels like just last week we were all talking about a blue and brown dress… oh wait, it feels like I was just in Indy.  Sometimes I think I want to stay there, because every time I spin at Talbott Street, it is a blast!   Seriously, the crowd there is so much fun and the energy is electrifying.  I also love the staff there – the way they transform the main room from a drag theater to a dance floor in less than 5 minutes is nothing short of mindboggling.    I look forward to seeing all of you Indy guys and gals on the dance floor Saturday night at Talbott Street!



Rising talent is the focus this week.  Thomas Newson captured the world’s attention with a flute, literally. The track with New World Sound made its way from the clubs to the pop chart around the world with the distinctive melody from the classic woodwind instrument.  His new track with Bassjackers will make you “Wave Your Hands.”

Erik Arbores was discovered at the age of 14 by Armin van Buuren when he was being interviewed on TV for graduating from High School at such a young age.  Being more of a house guy than a trance guy, he made a big jump from Armada to Spinnin and has been gaining fans with each release.  His mix of DJ Fresh’s “Gravity” is one worth tracking down.   Check out both of these interviews and more on ClubPlanet!

As always, I want to thank you for your support – it means more than you can imagine.

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