A Wild Night: DJ Ron Update – Friday, Sept 4th


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A Wild Night

One thing I am loving about Chicago is that there is so much going on.  Last Saturday, I went to a concert and three clubs on the same night.  Granted, I was passed out on the couch most of Sunday, but it was SO worth it.





After getting all my mixshows done for WRFN and Nexus, I headed down to the Arie Crown theater for Wendy Williams’ Sit Down comedy tour.  She was everything.  Completely vulgar, candid, and uncensored, she told her stories and had everyone laughing hysterically.  I wouldn’t say that I was offended by anything, but she was edgier than I imagined she would be.  The multiple glasses of wine helped that.  I did the meet and greet afterwards and snagged a selfie, which was a nice cherry on the proverbial sundae.





Next stop was Circuit for the flashback tribal party featuring DJ Escape, Hex Hector, and Veronica.  The club is primarily hispanic, and how do I say this in a politically correct way…  when I go to a club and I am in the minority, I know the music is going to be the best.  DJ Escape and Hex Hector did their thing, tag team-mixing ’90s and ’00s classics over the percussive tribal beat.  Hex brought in a bit of a Latin vibe that the crowd went nuts for.  Veronica took the stage with “Let Me Go (Release Me)” and just about everyone was singing along.  She debuted a new song, “Alive,” which is due for release in October.  Check out a sneak preview here on my YouTube page. Ending the set with “Someone to Hold” just brought me back to my eXceSs days.





After dancing for nearly two hours straight, I headed up Halsted to check out Guy Scheiman banging the boys at Hydrate with his modern take on tribal and circuit.  I love the way that he bring elements of EDM, progressive, and trance to his mashups and productions.  Being the trainspotter that I am, I hid behind the booth and loved watching him work three decks with a sickening set that kept the crowd electrified all night.  Before I knew it, another two hours had passed.  Time does fly when you are hearing great music.




I decided to walk a little further up Halsted and ran into the crew from Roscoe’s as they were shutting down and heading to Charlie’s. I had never been, so I figured what the heck.  During primetime, Charlie’s is a country bar and it goes commerical/electro for after-hours.  I really enjoyed DJ LuLu’s mixed music video set with his unique take on club tracks and pop remixes. I also enjoyed hanging out with the whole Roscoe’s crew, just chilling and having a good time.  It really does feel like a family.  We stayed until close and hung out a little more on the street.  Yes, I am really loving Chicago.




Labor Day Weekend

Nexus Radio takes over Roscoe’s this weekend.  DJ DigiMark is spinning VideoTron tonight and I am spinning Saturday night.  You’ve heard me talk about DigiMark a lot and if you’ve seen me spin at Play, Tribe, Talbott Street, or Roscoe’s, you’ve seen me play his incredible remix videos.  Catch him tonight on the decks at Roscoe’s.



Tomorrow night, I will keep the vibe going with fun house, electro, trance, and Hi-NRG dance music all night long.  One thing I really love about the Roscoe’s crowd is that we push each other the right way.   Let me explain.  As a DJ, my ultimate goal is to take the crowd on a journey, exploring different sounds and vibes all night long.   Basically, I love keeping the dance floor packed with massive energy with the right kind of flow and vibe.  I’m really getting a feeling for the Roscoe’s crowd and am learning how to push them to follow me as well as figure out how their push leads me to stay ahead of the game.   I feel like I am on the dancefloor the entire night, leading the crowd on a journey while connecting to their souls.  No, I haven’t started taking drugs.  I don’t need to.  The music and the people truly give me a high.





Since it’s Labor Day weekend, Sunday is going to be massive and I am so psyched to be spinning the End of Summer Pride Party for Pride North!   Yes, I am spinning Northern Deca-Dance with long time friend Steve Henderson in the primetime slot Sunday night.  From 10pm on, I will be on the decks at Pub 626 letting the crowd have it.   Another thing that I love about Chicago is how every weekend there are so many great neighborhood festivals.  It’s hard to believe that after living here for less than three months that I am already spinning at a major festival like this.  I am so humbled and thankful for the incredible opportunity.




One Night in Nashville

In two weeks (September 21st), I will be coming to Nashville to spin the 3rd annual Chic Awearness benefit for Gilda’s Club.  The event promotes Ovarian Cancer education and outreach and will take place at PRIMA!   The night will feature a fashion show (presented by Levy’s), special musical performances, cocktails, appetizers, and me spinning.  You can purchase tickets here.  Hope to see you there!




Podcasts are Back

As you can tell by what I’ve written up above, I am feeling a totally new wave of energy and inspiration.  With that spirit, I am posting a new podcast every day for the next two weeks on my Mixcloud, Podomatic, and iTunes.  Choose the platform you prefer and enjoy the music.  Of course, likes and shares are always appreciated, but most of all I want y’all to enjoy the music.  Playlists are posted, so when you hear songs that you love, stop by iTunes and Beatport and support the artists by purchasing their MP3 music.




Speaking of being back, I got some new headphones that i am incredibly excited about.  I’ve been waiting for the new Pioneer HDJ-2000 MK2s ever since I played with them in Miami.  It took a little while, but the amazing crew at Guitar Center totally hooked me up.  They arrived last week and I am in love with the insane range of clear sound and amazing build quality.   I love them so much that I had to put the RONS signature touch on them — Swarovski.   Watch for them in pictures on Facebook and Instagram this weekend.  Special thanks to Eshays for getting them done so quickly (and fiercely).

As always, I want to thank you so much for your support.  It truly means more than you can imagine.

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