Another Crazy Night : Update – Friday, Sept 18th

Loving Chicago.

Another Crazy Night

In the last update, I started with one night in Chicago when I saw Wendy Williams and hit three clubs on the same night.  Well, this is becoming a regular occurrence.  On the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend, I DJed a fun early set at Pub 626.  I was so hyped up that I knew it would be a good night to go out exploring.  First stop was Jackhammer, where Steve Henderson was serving up the beats to a frisky crowd of leathermen, bears, otters, and everything in between. I made an excursion downstairs and while that wasn’t really my vibe, I do recognize that a small part of my love of DJing is the voyeuristic joy of watching people let everything go and have a good time. I am sure you can read between the lines there.  (Picture with Steve Henderson taken at Jackhammer.)

Next stop was Smart Bar for the weekly #Queen party.  I had met the lovely Trannika Rex earlier in the evening and she gave me an invite.  The music was SICKENING – all house with minimal lyrics.  I hung out with Sara Andrews and we both chatted how the vibe reminded us of old school eXceSS – club kids and party boys together having a good time and just dancing to good music.  (Picture with Sara Andrews taken at 626.)

After sweating it out on the dance floor, I bumped in some guys from Nashville and we headed to Hydrate for the Spinsters. Yes, two legendary female DJs in their ’50s, Laura Bee and DJ Val, letting the boys have it with a tag team set chock full of great energy. I was so feeling it that I asked the two lovely ladies to kiss me and they graciously agreed. I had the incredible honor of sitting in the DJ booth and watching the two mistresses of musical mayhem. It blows my mind just thinking about the legacy of female DJs in Chicago – incredible talents like Teri Bristol, Bobby Veejay Marley, DJ PSYCHO-BITCH, Laura, Val – all of them in my age range and continuing to be groundbreaking DJs in town. It is inspirational and motivational on so many levels.  (Picture with Spinsters taken at Hydrate.)



This weekend, I am so excited to be spinning at ROSCOE’s!  Tomorrow (Saturday) night I will be on the dancefloor in the back and Sunday night I will be in video room up front. This whole week I’ve been pulling together some sickening new tracks along with some fun and slightly off the wall remixes.  I was always a big fan of WAWA’s production, and Bojan Orama has been unleashing some insane future house bootlegs on his Soundcloud. Check them out here.  So don’t be surprised if you hear some Bob Marley in the mix Saturday night!


Coming to Nashville

Pretty much as soon as I finish my set Sunday night, I will be heading to the airport.  I am flying in to spin Monday night at PRIMA for the Chic Awearness benefit for Gilda’s Club.  The event promotes Ovarian Cancer education and outreach!   The night will feature a fashion show (presented by Levy’s), special musical performances, cocktails, appetizers, and me spinning.  You can purchase tickets here.  Hope to see you there!



Phew, I am finally caught up.  For the past three weeks, I’ve been posting a new podcast daily.  I will admit it, I was lazy and got behind.  Thing is, I’ve got my vibe back (maybe it’s the headphones) and am feeling more productive than ever.  All of the podcasts are on Mixcloud, Podomatic and on iTunes.  Check them out.   I will be posting a new podcast every Monday from here on out.  Of course, you can always tune in to Nexus, WRFN, DanceMixUSA, MixWhore, GradioLGBT, and Interference to hear my mixed sets throughout the weekend!


Speaking of getting my vibe back, I’ve relaunched my fragrance blog  I’m aiming to post 2-3 reviews per week. The goal is to get a week or two ahead, especially with ADE coming up. So click here and check out what I’ve been sniffing.  Just wait until I write about my beloved Muji.  <grin>


Coming Soon

I shouldn’t talk about it yet, but I’ve secured a new residency here in Chicago.  I am beyond ecstatic.  One thing I love about Chicago is that each neighborhood is seen pretty much as a different city.  I am a proud resident DJ at Roscoe’s and I am also free to explore other neighborhoods.  This gives me the opportunity to spread my wings, play other styles, and entertain different crowds.  Crap, I am beginning to sound like an overly-marketed product.  Watch for a big announcement in the next eMail update.

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