Back Once Again: DJ Ron Update – Friday, August 14th

Back once again..

A Wonderful Week

Market Days was everything.  I kicked off the weekend spinning the VideoTron party at Roscoe’s, which was an amazing night!  The energy was amped, with the floor packed all night long.  It was one of those magical nights where I could have kept going until 8am like back in the eXceSs days.  Actually, there were so many Nashvillians in town, it felt like a reunion.  (Crowd shot from Roscoe’s)

First thing Saturday morning, I rushed to interview the brilliant Bright Light Bright Light.  I hadn’t spoken with him since 2012 (read the NotableDance interview here), and meeting him in person was everything I could imagine.  It was such a lively chat that it almost made up for my heartbreak of missing him perform live the next day.  Almost is the key word there.    (Picture with Bright Light, Bright Light)

Heading to the Market Days festival I ran into a bunch of Nashvillians and we enjoyed energetic sets from Thea Austin (the voice of Snap who KILLED it on stage), David Hernandez (American Idol finalist who is one to watch), We Are Nexus (their new song “One More Shot” is going to be big),  Erika Jayne (living up to her reputation for dynamic performance), and En Vogue (everything you could imagine and more).  Taking a break from all the incredible live performances, I headed to the Nexus tent for a guest set.  Which was a lot fun I also popped into Roscoes and enjoyed great sets from DJ Kevy and VJ Bobby Marley.  Another highlight of the day was catching up with my good friend Bud East and enjoying a really nice dinner.  It made me a bit homesick for Nashville, so I hope to make a return really soon.  (Picture of Future Real Housewife of Beverly Hills – Erika Jayne)

 On Sunday morning, I, along with every other Chicago-based radio DJ, took over a Spirit airplane and headed to Atlantic City for Summer Sessions.  At one point, I stood up and looked around the airplane just to marvel at all the talent on board – Mach One, Mixin Marc, Maurice Halstead, Too Kool Chris.  Too many great things happened to write about individually, so, please take a look at my Facebook and instagram for pictures.   (Picture with Manny Esparza, General Manager of Nexus Radio and Mach One in backgroudn)

Off the top of my head a few highlights were the incredible live sets – Rita Ora going acoustic, JoJo’s slaying comeback, Five Knives’ rocking intro to the award show,  Icona Pop’s energetic dance party, Liz’s poptastic debut, and Mizgin’s moving vocal performance.  The networking and panels are always top-notch, but so is the chance to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.   (Picture of JoJo performing)

Looking back over the days, I realized that I’ve been going to dance music industry events for twenty years, with my first being Winter Music Conference in 1995.  I’ve learned so much by attending and participating over the years at all of them – the Billboard Dance Music Summit, the  Amsterdam Dance Event, the Winter Music Conference, and Summer Sessions.  It made me realize that the organizers so often don’t get the credit they deserve for all the hard work they do.   On one of the DJ mixshow groups, award-winning and legendary DJ Riddler asked us what our highlight was.  I wrote – “I thought Cary Vance hosting the Awards show was quite brilliant. It takes a lot of creativity, uniqueness, nerve, and talent to handle a crowd like that while wrangling people on the stage and reacting to random acts of madness. He again shows that he is genuinely interested and passionate about the music while shining the spotlight on the artists, DJs, and industry people.”  (Picture with Aly-Us and DJ Cova)
Many thanks to Cary Vance, John Parker, John Suraci, and everyone on the Promo Only team.  Your work is truly appreciated.

This Weekend
I’ve got a full weekend planned – spinning  at The Glenwood (tonight) and Roscoe’s (Saturday and Sunday). Tonight, I am so excited to make my debut at The Glenwood as a guest DJ for the Dance Your Arts Off Festival.  The lineup is quite insane with David Byrne, Steve Henderson, Greg Deluca, and more.  Can you believe that – I am going to be spinning with a Talking Head?   Haha, just kidding, David is one of the Byrne twins, a Chicago DJ duo.  I will be spinning the opening set tonight from 8pm-9:30pm, so come on down and check me out! 

Spinning two nights in a row at Roscoe’s is almost a dream come true.  I love spinning there so much!  The vibe is insane and everyone is always up for a good time.  I love how everyone sings alongs to the songs they know and keeps dancing when I bring in something new to change the groove.   Seeing people hold up their phones to Shazam is such an amazing compliment.  Every night is different and I love the challenge of keeping it fresh and unique.  Yeah, I am really starting to feel at home here in Chicago.  Come party with me Saturday and Sunday night at Roscoe’s.

WXNA Kickstarter
Well, we are one week into the Kickstarter campaign and we’ve almost reached one third of the goal.  As of this moment, y’all have pledged over $16,000!   Please check out the campaign and help support WXNA – the freeform listener-supported community radio station.  If you were a fan of WRVU, you are going to love WXNA!  The premiums for the different pledge levels are insane! There is some really special SWAG there.  Don’t forget that WXNA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so donations are tax-deductible.

As always, I want to thank you for your support – it means more than you can imagine.

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