Celebrating a Great New Year: RONS Update – Friday, Jan 15th

Happy New Year!

Fun Holiday Times

It’s a little late, but I hope everyone had a great holiday season and New Year’s experience.

This Jewish DJ celebrated Christmas day with an uproarious set at Roscoe’s.  It’s amazing how much people want to go out after spending day with relatives.  Can you relate?  The next day, I made my debut at SoFo Tap – a fun bear bar in Andersonville.  For those not familiar with Chicago, the city is divided into neighborhoods – each with a different personality or stereotype. Take a look here for a map or here for breakdowns. Boystown is known as the center of gay life, with the strip of clubs where Roscoe’s is located, along with Sidetracks and Hydrate).

Andersonville is three neighboorhoods to the North and has a thriving nightlife, with fun bars and restaurants like SoFo Tap, Jackhammers, Atmosphere, Crew, and Hamburger Mary, amongst others.  I’ve noticed that Boystown skews younger, and Andersonville is referred to as Menstown.  Basically, if you visit Chicago, dedicate one night to the strip in Boystown and one night to the strip in Andersonville. Of course, AirBnB is your best friend (unless you’re living in a city that is starved for affordable housing) as hotels can be priced quite obscenely.

The Glenwood, one of my favorite bars, is where I brought in the New Year spinning.  It is basically like the neighborhood bar in Cheers where everyone knows your name. It has a fun mix of gay and straight, married and single, hipsters and club kids, young and old, etc  It was one of the moments when I thought, wow, I am really here and realized how blessed I am to be doing what I love.


A Gift For Y’all

For many years, I would give out CD and DVD mixed sets as holiday gifts.  With the advent of the internet and the focus on environmental sustainability, I’ve realized that it just doesn’t make sense to hand out physical CDs or DVDs anymore.  Living in Chicago, postage would be expensive also. With all that in mind, I created a special mixed video set that is being hosted on NexusTV.  It is free to watch and enjoy – so click here – and dance to the big songs that tell the story of my 2015.  This is my way of saying thank you to everyone out there who supports me as I follow my dream and love of DJing.


Let’s Go Logo

A few months ago,I sent out a few finalists for a new logo.  Coming to Chicago, I realized that I had to change my name as there were already several DJ Rons here in town.  My close friend and mentor Lainie Copicotto came up with RONS – like one of my favorite producers DONS, and it just clicked.  The first few logos came from FIVER, and while they were cute, I don’t think they really captured me. I found an incredibly talented graphic artist here in Chicago and we’ve narrowed it down to two.  I am completely on the fence because each logo shows a different side of me.  One is more cutting edge and aggressive while the other is more playful and jovial.  I thought who best to ask than all of y’all who read the update.  Please take a look and let me know what you think.

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Do y’all know about BandsInTown?  That’s the app I use to post all my club dates.  Not just me, everyone is using it.  There is so much great talent coming through town – that I would have had no idea that A-Trak, Gareth Emery, Morgan Page, and Borgeous are all here – in the next WEEK!  You can follow me on BandsInTown by clicking here.  You will see how much I love spinning at Roscoe’s – I am there this Saturday/Sunday and next Friday/Saturday.  Then I am heading to Talbott Street in Indianapolis at the end of the month and I am back at SofoTap in February.

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