CLUBPLANET: GloVibes Interview

There is a frenetic happiness that you feel when listeningand dancing to the music of GloVibes. With updated ’90s house being in the limelight, it was only a matterof time for a rework of late ’80s and early ’90s Italohouse. Lighting up Ibiza in 2013, Glovibes sampled the Black Box/Jock Jam classic “Strike It Up” for his massive buzz record “Movin On.” Rather than cover it, he sampled the synth-sax line and reworked itwith a fresh groove. That is the kind ofcreativity and energy he brings to all of his productions. Currently living in Los Angeles and touringthe world, Glovibes brings a radiant new energy to clubland.

Check out the interview on Clubplanet here.

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