Coming Home: DJ Ron Update – Friday, June 26th

As Heather Small of M People sang in “Renaissance”…
I’m Coming Home

This weekend, I am flying to Nashville to spin at Play and the Pride Festival.  I can not tell you how much I miss Nashville and look forward to spinning in my hometown.  Tonight at Play, we kick off Pride with the foam party.  VJ Stretch will be spinning the outdoor dance arena, so don’t forget your swimsuits; there will be clothing check available.  I will be spinning inside and am ready to unleash a massive mix of fun music and video – hot new tracks, pop remixes, and updates of all the pride classics!

On Saturday, I will be joining the fabulous DJ Remedy on stage at the Pride Festival – it is such an honor to share the stage with such an incredible rising talent.  Speaking of talent – Who is Fancy will be singing his pop smash “Goodbye” and Catey Shaw will bring some radical “Brooklyn Girls” action.  I experienced Cazwell live at Chicago Pride last weekend and let me just tell you – he is not one to be missed!  Live vocals, energetic dancing, costume changes (or should I say elisions), and his funky and funny tracks (“Guess What,” “Selfie Control,” “Hot Homo”) make him one of the best acts I’ve seen on stage this year.  Ending the show will be classic R&B dance diva Mya who will be singing all of her hits like “Free,” “My Love is Like Wo,” “Case of the Ex, “Take Me There,” “Love is the Answer,” and more in a frenetic one hour set!  Her live shows are quite special – you will definitely see why she was a finalist on Dancing With the Stars.  In the mix will be some phenomenal drag talent – Chad Michaels, Jaidynn Diore Fierce, and Obsinity – so there is clearly something for everyone.  See you tomorrow at Public Square Park!

Saturday night, I will be back spinning at Play.  It is going to be insane.  Get there early.  You don’t want to miss our national holiday at Nashville’s best place to dance.  Looking forward to dancing with you Saturday night.

From Paris to Berlin… oops Nashville to Chicago
My life is crazy and I love it! I will be spinning all night Sunday at Roscoe’s right after the Chicago Pride Parade. Wow, I can’t believe it.  I am still pinching myself because sometime it feels like a dream.

After spinning last Saturday night at Talbott Street in Indianapolis, I rushed back to Chicago Sunday morning to arrive just in time for Estelle performing at the Pride festival.  Wow, Miss Lady has some pipes.  That was kind of the the theme for the day with Crystal Waters making us all happy and Inaya Day literally taking us to church.  Cazwell, as mentioned earlier, was everything you would imagine and more.  The queen of bounce, Big Freedia, gave the children life in so many ways.

One thing I loved about Chicago Pride is that even though I am new to town, people are so friendly and welcoming.  It was also great bumping into friends like Chicago house legend DJ Ron Carroll and my unofficial drag daughter Butterfly, oops Sara Andrews (said with much love). I remember driving with her to Huntsville to perform at Upscale. Ah, those were the days.  But as great as it is to look back at the past, I am loving my life so much that the present and future is just as wonderful.  So as great as last Sunday was, I know spinning for Chicago Pride this Sunday will be even better.

Special thanks to Adam Gunn for all the great photos (Crystal Waters, Cazwell, Inaya Day.)

Nashville Scene

Please click here and check out the article about my life in the Nashville Scene.  Special Thanks to Jason Shawhan for making me sound incoherent.  Two slogans that I will probably steal – “Ron, Baby, Ron” amd “Affably Manic.”  Both will look good on a t-shirt, right?

Thank You
Last week, I posted three logos and the response was incredible.  I’ve narrowed it down to two and am having them retweeked based on all the great suggestions. Watch for them on Facebook.

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