SIX HOURS: Update – Friday, November 13th

In the span of six hours…

Michelle. Jodie. Violet. Fame.  RONS. VideoTron.
Yes, all that happened last Friday night at Roscoe’s!   DJ/Producer Jodie Harsh started the night interviewing Michelle with very candid questions about her book ‘The Diva Rules.’  Unsurprisingly, Michelle was frank, honest, and completely uncensored.  She was an absolute doll during the meet and greet, signing books, chatting, and taking pictures.  If you listen to the RuPaul Podcast, that is her in real life.

I was there early for soundcheck with Jodie Harsh and was impressed by how easy it was.  She basically plugged in and was ready to go.  Looking at her Edina Monsoon drag, I just know that her headphones weren’t right so I lent her my bejeweled pair and she totally rocked them.  Jodie’s set was a fun mix of UK club, US pop remixes, house, electro, and a bit of EDM.  Her mixing was flawless and restored my faith in drag queens who DJ.  She mentioned that she was off to LA next to write with a big pop star for an upcoming production. I can’t wait to hear.  I played a bit before her and when she heard me play “Mandolin,” her track with Therese, I saw her smile.  (Picture of Michelle and Jodie giving us Ab Fab Patsy and Edina realness on stage at Roscoe’s.  Michelle and I grinning for a selfie.)

After Jodie played, I brought VideoTron into the mix for the monthly Nexus radio party.  The vibe was electric with a fun mix of people there to dance and to see performances by Violet Chachki and Miss Fame.  I had seen both of them back in June and it is incredible to see how much they have developed in just a few months.  Yes, both were good performers before, but now they were seasoned professionals.  Their performances are on fleek (lip sync and live vocals) as were their mic skills.  I will admit that I was Team Minj, but seeing Violet perform made me even more of a fan.   (Picture with Jodie Harsh)
Another Big Weekend
Supporting Nashville CARES has always been a major part of my life.  Spinning Artrageous for 15 years, working with the the AIDS Walk, supporting Avant Garde, helping raise funds – their mission has always been something that I believed in.  Moving to Chicago, I’ve been looking to find a similar organization and am EXCITED to announce that I will be spinning an event tonight (Friday) for TPAN.  The Test Positive Awareness Network “empowers everyone living with or at risk for HIV/AIDS to live open, healthy, and productive lives. “  Their education, support, and wellness services help the entire Chicago community.  Barlesque is a month-long, online strip-a-thon fundraiser for TPAN.  I am spinning tonight at The Crew in support of James.  Check him out here – and please consider making a donation.  This is my first time spinning at The Crew, though I have been a few times.  Imagine if Tribe was a gay sports bar and you get the idea.  I will be on from 9pm-12am for the candy-themed event with special performances through out the night!

Saturday night, I am back at Roscoe’s spinning the dancefloor.  You know, every time I spin at Roscoe’s it feels like a dream coming true.  The crowd is always up for a good time and I play a fun mix of all kinds of dance beats.  There is an old saying, when you love your job, you don’t work a day in your life.  That is exactly how I feel when I am at Roscoe’s.  I am a resident DJ and it feels like home.  I am so thankful to be spinning there and love being part of such an incredible team of DJs – Adam, Bobby Marley, Kevy, Mikey P, Riley York, Ron G.  Everyone is so supportive, and it feels like a family.

Another exciting event  to announce, DA Buzz performing live at Roscoe’s for XYZ!   XYZ is the monthly Millenium party featuring the best pop and dance music from 1995-2005.  The first edition featured Samantha Mumba and for December we have the europop Da Buzz who did the classic “Let Me Love You.” Remember that insane Hex Hector remix? If I had a dollar for every time I played it at eXceSs and on WRVU.  Mark your calendar for Sunday, December 6th and make a monthly note for the first Sunday of every month thereafter!

As always, I want to thank you for your support – it means more than you can imagine.

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