Time For a Change: DJ Ron Update – Friday, May 29th

It it is time for …
A New Name
Y’all know me as DJ Ron.  That’s what I get called by everyone – in the club or on the street, by friends and strangers, by by police and DMV workers alike.  Moving to Chicago, I quickly realized that the name needed a reboot.  There are already two DJ Rons in town and I will be spinning at Roscoe’s with my good friend, VJ Ron G.  then there’s the trend of not using DJ in your stage name. Think about it, do you say DJ Martin Garrix, DJ Tiesto, or DJ Stonebridge?

At first, I was thinking about doing DJRon.com – but quickly realized how 2002 that sounds.  Obviously, Ron Slomowicz wasn’t going to work either.  While talking to social media maven Lainie Copicotto, she simply said- “RONS,” and it was absolutely brilliant.  Not only am I a huge fan of DONS, but it can be pronounced Ron S or Rahnz.

The only challenge was getting a website address and social media names to correspond.  Everything was taken – IAMRONS, TheRONS, RONSOfficial, etc.  Someone said just be real, and that’s how I got THERealRONS. I was a little nervous about it but went ahead and changed everything over.  Right after I finished, the producer Ghost Channels IMed me with a new track, that just happened to sample D-12, the group put together by Eminem, aka the Real Slim Shady.  It just seemed like the perfect sign (could it be kismet) that I was doing the right thing.

Going Away Party
This weekend, I am spinning Friday and Saturday night at Play!  Saturday night is the big going away party and I look forward to seeing y’all out there!  Special guests for the weekend include Delta Work, Vanessa Demornay, and Aubrey Jolie, so there will be lots of fun all around the club.  I am definitely pulling out some classics for the sets on both nights to mix in with the hottest club tunes and fun vocal remixes.  As a special gift to y’all, I’ve been pulling together boxes of mixed DVDs and CDs for giveaways – so come up and say hey – and I will give you a little souvenir.  See you on the dance floor this weekend!

Out and About Nashville

A big shout out to James Grady at Out and About Nashville for writing about me in the Pride issue.  A few weeks ago I mentioned on Facebook that I am such a horrible interviewee, because I keep talking and don’t shut up.  I guess I learned that skill from Cyndi Lauper (said with love, of course).  James edited me down to make sense and constructed a great piece that tells the story of my life in Nashville.  Be sure to pick up a copy when you are out and about (or at Play) this weekend!  An extended remix of the article will be featured online in the coming weeks.
Need Some Help

No, I am not going to ask you to help me move.  That would be tacky.  What I do need help with is choosing my new logo.   I will be posting some ideas on my Facebook this week.  Please take a look and let me know what you think…

As always, I want to thank you for your support – it means more than you can imagine.

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