It’s been a little while, but worth the wait.
Random Variety
One of the many things that I love about Chicago is the sheer randomness and variety of fun to be had.  Last Saturday, I stopped by the Nexus studios and bumped into one of my favorite producers, tyDi.   I asked him about his new track “Ocean” that’s sung by YouTube star Greyson Chance and has been buzzing from his live sets.  Next thing I know, he pulls out a thumb drive and we did the world radio premiere right then.   Wow… what a hit- my passion for his music has been “redefined.”

Honestly, I was heading to the station to meet up with Saturday Night Social host Todd Paulson to take him out for his birthday.  A whole group of people were celebrating the Aquarian birthdays and it was an hour or so of bumping into random people.  There was one guy I recognized from my apartment building and another guy I recognized from the basement of Jackhammer (that, of course, is a whole other story).
Completely full (and some liquored up), we all popped into different clubs on Halsted.  I started at one end of the block, popping in to Seven and saying hey to the legendary Laura B.  I’ve realized that Chicago is one of the few places where you will find a heritage of female DJs.   Teri Bristol, Psycho Bitch, DJ Val, Bobby Marley, and Laura B have all been spinning for more than 20 years, supporting each other as friends, and playing great music.
After a nice chat, I popped into Manhole (the club), Scarlett, Sidetrack, Progress, Little Jim’s, and Hydrate, then worked my way back up to Roscoe’s.  It’s great enjoying the diversity of what Boys Town nightlife has to offer and it is such an honor to be a resident DJ at Roscoe’s.  I love spinning there.  On that night, VJ Riley York was playing Hi-NRG music video with a large dose of Kylie, Madonna, and UK pop in the front room.  DJ Mikey P packed the dance floor with a sick mix of tribal, electro, and pop with everyone singing along at the drops.  I am also a big fan of the light guy, Adam Black.  Being in the booth with him, I watch what he does and it blows my mind.  Experiencing it from the dance is pretty magical.


Though I was exhausted from dancing, I grabbed an Uber to head up to Jackhammer to see my good friend Steve Henderson banging the beats like he does the first Friday of every month.  The club has a raw, sexual edge with three levels of decadance.  I am not going to say exactly what happens there, just suffice it to say that beats aren’t the only things being banged.
Personal Explorations
Mirroring the variety of Boys Town, I am also branching out and playing at different clubs around the city.
One of my most memorable nights at Play in Nashville was when I DJed the Wednesday night Latin dance party with Tonya Miller and the crew.   Through Tonya, I met producer/DJ Just Jacob who invited me to guest tonight (Thursday) at Rio Chicago.  On Thursday nights, they have two rooms – one with LatinStreet Dancing and the White Room with Open format sets by Just Jacob and Bengfang.  The duo mix Kizomba with house, bass, throwback, and future EDM.  While I am not sure exactly what to play, I love a challenge and mixing things up.  I am going to experiment with my UNLEASHED sound (more about that later).

Have you heard of Hamburger Mary’s?  I wouldn’t call it a restaurant, it is more of an experience.  We were running late for brunch on a Sunday and by 3pm, no one was serving brunch anymore.  We walked by Hamburger Mary’s and it was the perfect fit.  To call the staff joyous, goofy, and enthusiastic is an understatement.  Imagine if I was a waiter… and you get the idea.  In addition to burgers, brunch, and tasty beverages,  Mary’s Attic is upstairs which hosts theater shows, independent artists, tea dances, Boy-lesque, and DJ parties on the weekends.   I will be making my Mary’s Attic debut Friday night – bringing a fun and festive video party mix to the dance floor.  Excited doesn’t event begin to describe my emotions.
Saturday night at Roscoe’s, nothing to me is closer to Heaven – literally (the club in London) or spiritually (the sheer joy and exuberance).  In this world of 1-2 hour DJ sets, jumping up and down watching a superstar DJ do aerobic routines, and bottle & model ultra lounges, there is something quite special about going to a club just to dance and have fun.   I’ve been a resident DJ at Roscoe’s for six months and I still can’t believe it.  I am so lucky and blessed to spin a six hour set of dance music for a crowd that is as into it as I am.   The vibe and the energy on that dance floor ranks as one of the highlights of my 20+ year career as a club DJ.  People are there to have fun and it’s my job to provide the soundtrack.  Do you really wonder why I smile in every photo?

Podcasts – What is UNLEASHED?


As a writer (Clubplanet), music director (Nexus Radio), and DJ, I am inundated with a plethora of new tunes every week.  I don’t want to say I have multiple personalities. but I do enjoy different flavors. If you listen to my two hour show on Radio Free Nashville, there are two distinct sets.  There is the set that becomes my RONS podcast – a fun mix of upbeat energy and vocals with house and electro beats sprinkled with a familiar feel.   Then there is the more aggressive, or should I say, progressive, set where I explore everything from trop to trap, dubstep to aggro, deep to d&b.  This set that used to air as Clubplanet Radio.  Moving forward, I’ve decided to share it as a separate weekly UNLEASHED podcast.     The goal is to post the RONS set every Monday and the UNLEASHED set every Thursday through my Mixcloud, Podomatic, and iTunes podcast. All the links are on the right side above the schedule.  Check them out and let me know what you think.

Website, Pictures, and Logos
Part of my rebranding from DJ Ron to RONS includes a refresh of everything.  Up next is my website, which will start a transformation over the next two weeks.  With the help of y’all, I’ve chosen new logos (see below) – thank you so much for your feedback and guidance.  A few weeks ago, I did a photoshoot with acclaimed nightlife photographer Erik Michael Kommer and he truly captured me.  You can see the pictures here.


As always, I want to thank you for your support – it means more than you can imagine.

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